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How it all started

After many adventures around the world and over 10 years of (solo) travel experiences, AVNEA’s founder Lotus felt the need to share her unique finds with others. Bringing people together while exploring the world was what she envisioned. AVNEA’S first seeds were planted and trips were created. In the meantime, Lotus became fully nomadic herself and left everything behind in Amsterdam to live a more free and fulfilling life.


Realising and experiencing the benefits of travel for our wellbeing and feeling a call to more meaningful connections and experiences, AVNEA was born.

Within the trips we create at AVNEA, we aim to make beautiful connections, work together with locals and stay far away from mainstream tourist destinations.

At Avnea, every experience has a purpose

Whether it’s to get out of your comfort zone, reconnect with nature, learn a new skill or find a better work life balance, we create our trips for you to become a more empowered version of yourself while supporting and connecting with others.

What we offer

We do that by offering 3 types of trips in different extraordinary destinations around the globe.



Embrace village life, slow down and feel what it like to live as a community whilst growing in your personal and professional life in one of our month long Nomad Villages.


Travel with a purpose such a learning a new language, indulging in local cuisine or learn a new skill, together with like-hearted people on one of our 10 day experiences while still getting your work done



Change your scenery and fully reconnect with yourself, others and nature, leaving your laptop behind this time. 4 days to recharge, reconnect and grow. Do you dare to go fully offline? To disconnect?


our values

Like-hearted people
It’s extremely important for us to travel with people with good intentions and an overall good vibe. We are looking for people who want to share, grown and support. That’s why we always have a call with anyone who wants to join. 



We love to connect and share. We add different elements to our trips where we share on different levels. By the end of the every experience meaningful connections/friendships have been shaped. 


We like to add a little adventure into every trip we organize. Whether it’s a (volcano)hike, ziplining, horse riding, We always like to add an adventurous element to shake things up a little and feel a life. 


Every experience has a purpose purposeful because you learn something new, or share things, deeper your knowledge, or meet like-hearted others. We also invite your to set your personal intention for the experience.

Celebrating life

We stand for purpose and growth but that doesn't need to become too ‘floaty’. We also just love to celebrate life and enjoy the extraordinary places we get to visit on this planet.


 At AVNEA we are travelers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, spiritual coaches, creatives, freelancers, designers and so much more. But really, it's not about what we do, it's about who we are. What we have in common is that we are professionals of some sort, love to travel and connect with ourselves, others and nature. We are curious and kind. We  want to explore and experiences the world and all it has to over. We want to always grow and learn from eachother. We support each other and act as a community. 

At AVNEA once you join one of our experiences, herefore anyone who has been part of a previous trips becomes part of our family. 

our mission

AVNEA is a way of living, a movement and a community of like-hearted people. At ANVEA, we aim to create purposeful travel experiences that enhance personal growth– in a world that’s changing rapidly, moving at a fast pace and full of (digital) distractions. . We want to create purposeful experiences that impact lives for the better, being present and getting a deeper understanding of different cultures and countries. All that while having a lot of fun!

At AVNEA we envision a world where the future of travel, remote work and co-living is more authentic and has better impact on the world. We see a future where the idea of ‘ travel’ becomes more fluid. Work & travel start blending. And travel will be used as a force for good. We want to create a new travel reality one where travel leaves everyone better behind. 

our vision


Want to be part of the AVNEA Family?

We understand! We also love what we do.

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