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Join our next trip to Puerto Escondido : 26 November - 4t December 2022

Enjoy a 10 day co-working experience around Mexico’s coolest surf spot, Puerto Escondido. 


Here, it’s all about bohemian beach life. We’ll have an easy-going experience and co-work while enjoying all the beauty this place has to offer. During the day we see each other at a stunning, exclusive co-working space where you'll work on your own projects as well as share sessions to inspire each other for the upcoming year. Joining any of the activities is always your call.  


Then, we’ll gather for sunsets and celebrate life. We share our thoughts and feelings in meaningful sessions aimed at empowering and uplifting each and everyone one of us. On weekends we’ll go on a magical jungle escape where we can reconnect with nature and adventure. 


On this trip, you'll have plenty of time to do things YOU love. So, co-working, yoga, horse riding, whale watching, group inspiration sessions, amazing food, beach days ... and all that vibrant Mexico has to offer. This trip is for meeting like-minded people and having the perfect work/life balance.


Group size

The group is limited to 10 people  ensure the intimacy of the group and have an equal and honest energy division amongst all.


Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Duration - Program

The trip will be 11 days long, including arrival and departure day. Arrival day is the first day and departure day the last day.

26th of November - 4th of December 2022


Impressive Nature

- Wildlife

The Oaxacan coast is a true beauty. With stunning beaches, loads of rocks and viewpoints to explore as well as lagoons, mangrove forests and mountain villages. There’s so much nature to explore. You'll have a chance to spot whales, dolphins, crocodiles  and release baby turtles.


Co-working space

You will get access to an amazing, freshly opened co-working space - with a lovely community and people to connect with. The place is spacious and the wifi is good. You will expand your network and meet people with similar mindset.


Puerto Escondido has so much to offer and we are going to explore a bunch of it! From a boat trip where we spot dolphins and whales, to a beautiful horse riding trek. There are also activities like beach volleyball, yoga classes, beach cinema evenings, salsa nights, sunrise swims and live music. We have it all! On the weekend, we’ll go on a spectacular jungle escape where we spend the night in nature


Overall Unique Experience

Due to the fact that we are travelers and professionals (digital nomad) ourselves, every trip we organize is born from our own travel experiences. We hand select the best places. Places that we have already fallen in love with and have connected with many local partners. The places we decide to host a trip are truly unique finds, far away from mainstream tourist crowds.




Nature Escapes

To escape from the town and reconnect with nature we’ll go on a magical jungle escape. We will spend 24 hours reconnecting with the simple life while going on an adventure. 

What is included

Pick up from the airport and transportation to the accomodation.

Spectacular accommodation for 8 nights
Tasty welcome dinner and drinks

Unlimited coffee, tea and water at the co-working space

2 yoga classes
Several Mindful Workshops

a boat tour

a horse riding trek

a weekend escape in the jungle with all meals and activities included
such as: ziplining, a Oaxacan cooking class

Some things you need to take care of yourself.



Your transportation to Puerto Escondido
Your transportation within Puerto Escondido

Your daily meals 

Travel insurance

But most of all

An amazing group of people to meet

Spectacular nature

Fresh new energy

All ingredients to feel relaxed and recharged

A network of professionals from all around the world

Improvement of overall wellbeing 

Lotus always there for a brainstorm or meaningful conversation



Improving your wellbeing

To escape from the town and reconnect with nature we’ll go on a magical jungle escape. We will spend 24 hours reconnecting with the simple life while going on an adventure. 

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