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Book your stay in the Nomad Village at AVNEA hotel. This is a beautiful, authentic hotel in the heart of the village. It is only a one minute walk away from our AVNEA Hub - Community area. 

We will take over a 3 star hotel with 15 rooms and have it for our private use. The rooms are decent, clean and have a balcony, private bathroom and most rooms have a desk.

There is a communal area downstairs where you can have breakfast and co-work during the day and sit and have chats during the evening. 

This hotel gets a 9,3 rating on

The hotel is within 1 minute walking distance from our AVNEA hub

Note: You will book this type of room but all rooms in the hotel will be asigned randomly and can be slightly different then on the picture. All rooms have the same quality

AVNEA VILLAGE - Hotel Private 1 month

€ 699,00Price
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