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Join one of our upcoming experiences.

Get a good impression of our latest Nomad Village in Greece.

Lotus Vrijma 
Founder of AVNEA

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Want to join one of our experiences? We carefully curate our experiences to gather great people. This call is an important part of our process.
Welcome to the family.

  • How do I join an AVNEA experience?
    The process is simple. Step 1: Book your ticket/ Book a call You can either book your ticket for one of our experiences straight away or book a call into our Calendly first. Step 2: Have a call Everyone who wants to join an experience will have a short call with us first. It's all about the people for us, so getting to know you is important. If you have already bought your ticket, we will get in touch with you. In this call you can also ask any questions you might have. Step 3: Get super excited & virtually meet the Family Yaay! If it's a match, you are welcome to join. On the weeks before the experience you ge too pre-connect with others in the community and see who's joining your experience. You will also be added to our online community space.
  • What kind of people are in the AVNEA community?
    We call our people Avnea's. Avnea's are entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, coaches and many different professions. What we have in common, is that we are able to work remote (for a while) are growth oriented and enjoy a more mindful way of living. The most important thing is that Avnea's support each other and are kind hearted. You can expect to be surrounded with people from all around the word with an average age of 35 ( at this moment we have people between 23 and 46 in our community).
  • How's the Wifi on the AVNEA experiences?
    We always make sure we have the best Wifi possible in the area of our coliving experiences. We always have Starling and we recommend you to get a local E(sim)
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