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Lotus Vrijma

Founder of Avnea | Public Speaker | DJ |
Digital Nomad Expert & Influencer

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A Bit About Me

I'm Lotus Vrijma. Once deeply entrenched in Amsterdam's fashion whirlwind, my heart always yearned for adventure beyond city limits. Travel was my true passion, and the dream of a life where I could work from anywhere ignited my spirit.

When the pandemic halted the world, I saw it as a sign to take a leap. I bid farewell to my life, sold my belongings, and boarded a one-way flight to Mexico—my gateway to freedom.

Mexico welcomed me with open arms, unveiling the vibrant community of digital nomads. Inspired by this lifestyle, I founded AVNEA from determination and dreams. With no initial investment, I organised workations that brought remote workers together in beautiful locations.

Today, AVNEA has blossomed into a global movement. We curate enriching co-living experiences and foster a thriving online community across continents. My journey has taken me to 65 countries and counting, each step fueling my passion for exploration and human connection.

As a speaker, I share more than travel anecdotes; I unveil the blueprint of a life untethered by boundaries. My story is about daring to chase dreams, embracing change, and carving a path to fulfillment.

Do you seek inspiration to redefine your life or empower your team with a fresh perspective? Let's collaborate. Together, we can inspire others to embrace possibility, seize opportunity, and chart their own course to freedom and abundance.

Let my journey inspire yours. Book me as your speaker and embark on a transformative experience that transcends borders and ignites passion for the unknown.

Main topics I talk about: 

How to built & grow Community

The Power of Community

How I started a retreat business In 6 weeks, with 0 investment
How to make your wildest dreams come true.

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Facilitator / DJ

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