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Join our next trip to Goa : 26 February  - 11 March 2023

Join us for a life changing trip to Goa, India! This is a two week Co -Work-Retreat in Goa, India Here, you can reconnect with what is important in life while still getting your work done. 

​We are heading to India! india is a country that changed so many peoples perspective on life and the world in general. A trip to India will definetely have an impact on you for the rest of your life. We go to Goa as it's India's most beautiful beach tHere, you’ll have plenty of time to relax, unwind and have quality time with yourself as well as connect with an amazing group of people.

We will start our day with a mindful morning practise, then there's time to work on our own (creative) projects, and during the evening we come together for conversations, connection, and sharing. 


Aside from growing in our work, days will be filled with yoga classes, all-day healthy food, and cosy evening activities.


For those more adventurous among us, there are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. At the weekend we can go out to explore Goa and around. 


If you feel called to reconnect with nature and yourself, experience India in a easy-going way and celebrate the festival of colours, Holi... Join us! And, all that while getting work done and meeting inspiring like-hearted people from all around the world.


Impressive Nature

What sounds better then working from a bohemian beach town in India? You'll be surrounded by lush green fields as you go through your work day. If your lucky you'll even see a monkey or two. You'll have several beaches and waterfalls to explore as well as colorful Portugese Houses 


Improve your wellbeing

F O O D   P A R A D I SE
All day healthy food will be prepared for you my our very own talented chef. The chef will be cooking with local ingredients straight from the land around us. Recharge your body with meals that are good for the soul. You'll be able to eat in the communal kitchen or have the meal brought to your cabin so you can focus on your own thing - it’s all up to you!


Community of like-hearted people

At AVNEA it’s all about community. The most important part for us is connecting with others. We are all co-creating the magic of the experiences together and you play an important part in making this vision a reality. 

 W I F I  AND  W O R K S P O T S 
Goa isn't known yet as a famous nomad hub yet (yet, believe us, its coming soon! After scouting the area ourselves, We have found a lovely co-living and co-working space with good wifi, good chairs, meeting rooms, call rooms and different spots to work.


O V E R A L L   U N I Q U E 

Due to the fact that we are travelers and professionals (digital nomads) ourselves, every trip we organize is born from our own travel experiences. We hand select the best places. Places that we have already fallen in love with and know our local partners by name and by heart. The places we decide to host a trip are truly unique finds, far away from mainstream tourist crowds. 


C U L T U R A L  I M M E R S I O N

You'll get a true local experience. You'll stay in a local run co-live that is one of the first in India that focusses on Digital Nomads. You will eat local food, have a cooking class and co-work and grow, exchange ideas with Indian remote workers. This is not a touristy experience, this is living like digital nomads in india live. And on top of that, we will end this trip with celebrating holi! What more could you wish for


- You are SO ready to go an a life-changing adventure to India

 - You love meeting new people and have shared life-changing experiences

- You have an open-minded attitude toward life

You would like to get re-inspired, motivated, celebrate life and r
You would like to get some input on projects your working on and/or are happy to help others 



What is included.

Pick up from the airport in Goa
Welcome Dinner

Accomodation Your own private room and bathroom in a co-living.
Daily breakfast
Unlimited coffee, tea and water

Daily mindful/wellness program
A Food tour

But most of all.​

An amazing group of people to co-live, co-work, share and grow with.

Skillshares, workshops and masterminds to grow on a personal, spiritual and business level.

All ingredients to feel relaxed and recharged

An opportunity to explore India

Improvement of overall wellbeing through mindful practises.

Yesss, I want to join
How do I apply?

One of our core values is that we have had a conversation with everyone who joins our trips.  We create a group of like-hearted, motivated, easy going and open minded people. It's important for us to get t know you a little bit so we can bring together an awesome group of people.

Fill in the form & Schedule a call

Tell us a little bit about yourself and schedule a free call so we can chat!

You've been selected!

After our call, you will receive a confirmation from us that you've been selected when we feel its a match.

Transfer the deposit & your spot is guaranteed

Get super excited! You are coming to India with us!

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